For Our Patients Abroad

Dear patients, during your health journey, you are our guests. We work meticulously with our entire team to make you feel safe and peaceful, just like you are at home. We would love to show you the historical and touristic beauties of Istanbul in addition to a healthy and peaceful surgery process during your desired beauty journey. At the end of the 1-week period you will spend with us, we will send you home with health and happiness.

General Location Information

The hospital where we will perform your surgery and our clinic where we will conduct all your checks are 40 km from Istanbul Airport and 60 km from Sabiha Gökçen Airport. You can also access via public transport. Both our hospital and clinic are located on the metrobüs line. Our clinic is next to the “Yenibosna” metro, metrobüs, and IETT bus stops. More detailed information about the location can be found in the transportation section of our website.

Accommodation And Travel Information

You need to stay in Istanbul for 1 week for the health service you will receive from us. If you want to get 3D imaging before the surgery, you need to stay for 8 days.

Since accommodation and travel procedures vary greatly depending on the individual, we think it's more appropriate for you to make these choices and arrangements. However, we will have suggestions to help you with your choices.

Location-wise, preferring the Istanbul Atatürk airport area (Florya, Bakırköy, Ataköy, Küçükçekmece) will make your transportation easier. In this area, you will have many dining and shopping options. Additionally, there are 2 large shopping centers in this area (Aqua Florya Shopping Center, Airport Outlet Center). Hotels we recommend include; Elite World Business Hotel, Ramada Encore Hotel, Alrazi Hotel, Airport İnci Hotel, Bricks Hotel, Sahra Airport Hotel, Rox Hotel.

Health Travel Plan

If you want to have 3D imaging before surgery, you need to arrive one day before your surgery.

1st Day: After landing, you will come to the hospital, and our colleagues in the patient admission unit will take you to your room. Your blood tests, photography, and payment transactions will be completed. Once your blood results are confirmed, Op. Dr. Volkan Kahya will come to your room and discuss your requests with you.

We will take you to surgery at the scheduled time. Your surgery will take approximately 2.5 hours. After your surgery, once you have fully regained consciousness, we will take you to your room and apply cold treatment with our special Hiloterapy device for 3 hours.

Three hours after surgery, your meal will be served, and you will be free to eat anything you like, provided it's not too spicy, acidic, or hard. Four hours after surgery, with the support of our nurse colleagues, you will start standing up, and after that, you'll be free to get up anytime.

You will stay in the hospital on the night you had the surgery. Unless there's an unexpected development, we will discharge you the next morning at 08:00. We will advise you to rest at your hotel until your second check-up. We will meet again on the third day after your surgery.

3rd Day: You will come to Op. Dr. Volkan Kahya's clinic located at Istanbul/ Ataköy Towers B Block 9th Floor No. 119 at your appointment time for your first check-up. During this first check-up, the silicone support inside your nose will be removed, and you will start breathing more comfortably. Contrary to popular belief, this process is not painful or difficult and takes a maximum of 2 minutes.

7th Day: Your second check-up will be held at Op. Dr. Volkan Kahya's clinic located in Istanbul / Ataköy Towers B Block 9th Floor No. 119. During this check-up, the plaster on your nose will be removed, and flesh-colored protective bandages will be applied. The flesh-colored protective bandage will remain on your nose for 1 week. After this, you can board a plane; you can return to your home and resume your normal life.

At the end of the second week, after taking a shower and getting your face wet, you will remove the flesh-colored protective bandages, and your post-operative process will be completed.

Care period;

After the shower you take at the end of the second week, we recommend washing your face and the top of your nose daily with facial cleansing gel (we suggest using pharmacy brands like larocheposay, bioderma, avene, babe, mustela) and wiping with tonic. This way, your skin doesn't accumulate excess oil and dirt, it breathes, and your healing process accelerates.

After you return home, you can contact us at +90 532 760 46 18 for any questions or concerns. You can also send messages via Whatsapp.

If you visit Istanbul again, we would love for you to make an appointment with us for a check-up and see you again.