The nose is an organ that shapes our facial expression in the middle of our face, as well as an organ that allows us to breathe with high levels of oxygen. It is a filter that takes litres of air into our body throughout the day and in the meantime heats, moisturises and cleans the air. The sense of smell should not be forgotten. The olfactory nerves located in the nose recognise the odour particles coming into the nose and transmit the sense of smell to our brain. The sense of taste is also effective thanks to this mechanism.

The differences in voice quality during speaking and singing are the work of the nose. Blockages and discharges in the nose can affect the resonance of the voice and cause the tone of the voice to change. Voice artists, theatre artists, announcers, teachers and many other professions are affected by this situation.

Sleeping with the mouth open causes the jaw and tongue to fall back and this causes the airway to narrow. The air trapped between the soft palate and the pharynx causes the snoring sound to emerge with the tongue root.

When all this information is evaluated, nasal surgery is of great importance. Maybe there is no urgency for nasal surgery for the continuation of life. However, with the comfort of life, cardiovascular diseases, lung problems and sleep-apnoea problems are prevented in later ages. After the nasal functions are properly corrected, it is important to have an aesthetic appearance in the external appearance. Function and aesthetic appearance are inseparable and cannot be considered separately. For this reason, surgery should be performed by surgeons who have trained themselves very well in these two subjects. Rhinoplasty is performed by otolaryngologists and plastic surgeons in today's modern medicine.

Rhinoplasty is the most frequently performed plastic surgery in the world. Since the nose is in the middle of the face and changes the facial expression, surgery is frequently performed. But this should not give the message that the job is very easy. A surgery that provides so much change increases the add-ons. The wishes and expectations of the clients should be listened to well, the achievability of the desired result should be discussed well, otherwise disappointments are inevitable. The wishes of the clients should be well evaluated and rhinoplasty should be performed by experienced nasal surgeons in line with the wishes of the client using advanced surgical techniques.

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