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He was born in 1978 in Aachen, Germany. He completed his medical education at Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine. He became a specialist in Nose, Ear and Throat at Bezm-i Alem Vakıf Gureba Training and Research Hospital and continued his service here for 5 years. (The hospital was later transformed into Bezmialem University). For 2 years, he did his compulsory service as a specialist physician at Iğdır State Hospital. After working at Bahçelievler Medicana Hospital for 3 years, he has been accepting patients in his own private clinic for the last 8 years. He has a total of 15 years of nasal surgery and rhinoplasty experience.

+15 Years Experience in Nose Surgery and Aesthetics  
Why Us?

With 3D Face Analysis, you can see your dream nose in advance during the examination in our clinic.

New rhinoplasty techniques and technological devices are used.

Live Face Photo Shooting

A specially designed camera takes real-time photos of your face.


Thanks to this technology, it is possible to reach the closest images that can occur after

Result Oriented Service

Thanks to 3D imaging, more realistic results are obtained by examining the nose in every dimension.

Versatile Nose Analysis

All angles of the nose are planned, values and proportions can be calculated at the same time with this system.


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Most Preferred Operations

Barbie Nose Style

Here, a cool nose appearance is aimed rather than a natural appearance.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Endoscopic sinus surgery is a minimally invasive method used in the treatment of nasal and sinus cavities. This surgical procedure helps relieve problems such as sinus congestion, polyps, and sinusitis.

Natural and Cool Nose

It is the application of aesthetic appearance to natural facial proportions. I try to fulfil the patient's desire for a cool nose appearance without making too exaggerated touches.

Our Overseas Patient Guide

Dear patients, you are our guests on your health journey. We are working diligently with our entire team to make you feel safe and peaceful like at home. We would love to show you the historical and touristic beauties of Istanbul as well as a healthy and peaceful operation process in your desired beauty journey. At the end of the 1-week period you will spend with us, we will send you home with health and happiness.

General Location Information

General Location Information

The hospital and clinic, which is 40 km from Istanbul Airport and 60 km from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, is located next to public transport lines in Yenibosna.

Accommodation and Travel Information

Accommodation and Travel Information

You are required to stay in Istanbul for 1 week for health care and 8 days for 3D imaging. Accommodation and travel arrangements are at your discretion.

Health Travel Information

Health Travel Information

You can contact us to inform you about the details before and after the operation and to make your appointment arrangements

Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery is an important part of medical procedures that emphasise beauty, increase self-confidence and provide transformation.

Surgical Applications

Surgical Applications

Aesthetic surgery is a medical intervention that improves appearance, increases self-confidence and offers solutions to aesthetic concerns.

Patient Comments
Do Not Be Afraid of Nose Aesthetics in Summer

Do Not Be Afraid of Nose Aesthetics in Summer

Ear Nose and Throat Specialist Op.Dr. Volkan Kahya said, "It is one of the taboos of rhinoplasty; It is very dangerous to have surgery in summer Now this thought is history

How Do I Know if I Have Thin or Thick Skin? You can understand the thickness of your nose skin with these methods

How Do I Know if I Have Thin or Thick Skin? You can understand the thickness of your nose skin with these methods

Many people who are considering having a rhinoplasty and doing research on this subject encounter the information that "the skin of the nose can affect the result".

Can I Wear a Mask Over My Nose After Rhinoplasty? Beware of Mask After Rhinoplasty

Can I Wear a Mask Over My Nose After Rhinoplasty? Beware of Mask After Rhinoplasty

Interest in aesthetics increased during the pandemic period. Rhinoplasty is one of the most demanded procedures. However, there are also those who postpone this dream to another spring due to Covid-19 concerns. We asked Op. Dr. Volkan Kahya.


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